'Westworld is an American science fiction western thriller television series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Produced by HBO.'

I watched a recap episode all about season one of Westworld and the show seemed high budget and very well thought out, especially for engaging the viewers in moral questions about the AI humans. A theme that has become increasingly popular as the world technologically advances is artificial intelligence in the form of very human looking robots. We have seen this theme since as early as the original terminator films. Now the difference is this seems closer to becoming a reality. A notable change is the direction towards hyper realistic human looking AI has picked up, rather than obvious robotic features a lot of films and TV programmes depict them as human looking. This is devicive, meaningfully or not. The viewers instantly have a sense of empathy for the AI people, similar themes are seen in other shows and films - the protagonist becomes aware and fights to have control over their creator. As with Westworld we are often left not knowing if this emotion is real or just a form of AI. Even by the end of Westworld we don't know, perhaps season two will give us more answers but so far it has been gripping regardless. The way it's been edited and carefully put together is very much believable. It is fiction but it's easy to see it as a future idea that could become very much real and this is the beauty of the show. It manages to create an impossible idea and make it completely imaginable in humanities future.