Hannah Lowry - Unit 5 Reflective Document 17/18

Section A




12 Apples, New York, 1985, Irving Penn



Task 1

Task One was a merton council open commission to create an art installation piece or piece of visual art based around one of three ideas as shown in this segment taken from the Merton council brief - 

Healthy sustainable eating

·      ‘Good for you is good for the planet – beans, pulses, fruit and veg use less water and energy than most other foods – so go crazy!’

·      ‘Make your meat go further – want to beef up your beef, or give your lamb some slam? Bulk your meat dishes out with beans, veg or lentils for another healthy source of protein. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.’

Food waste prevention

·      ‘Get canny with your cooking – tinned and frozen fruit and veg are packed with vitamins and take AGES to go off. Try some in your cooking tonight. Can you cook it? Yes you can!’

·      ‘Use your loaf – Londoners are taking a stand against the 3 million slices that get binned in our city every day – crumbs! Freeze it, toast it, make croutons with it. Join us and save dough in more than one way.’

Food waste recycling

·      ‘Recycling isn’t a strain – recycling just 6 teabags creates enough energy to make another cuppa. Anyone for tea?’

·      ‘Recycling a’peel – peelings from just 6 potatoes can be turned into enough compost to grow a brand new potato! Laters, potatoes.’

The project was a collaboration between myself and Jack Allen who also studies Technical arts and Special Effects. We chose the first option of healthy eating however took a satirical approach to the project. Our tutor for the project Glen Neath encouraged us to go off brief as he felt the project wasn't lenient enough. We were allowed to take the satirical approach to the project and didn't make an outcome that realistically would be used for the commission however the ideas behind it were well thought out and discussed. 

We began with considering the artist Irving Penn for his well known food photography, especially focusing on 'Decaying Apples' a photograph used in Vogue magazine. My interpretation of this picture is the idea that nature is decaying as a direct result of human interference. The apples have been picked and are on a white background which to me symbolises our sterilisation of nature. We have taken the apple from the tree and placed in this white sterile environment only for it to decay and die. The message I get from this work is that we are trying to make nature fit in to our lives with no thought about how nature is effected, in this case nature is being killed and rots. I let the satire I found and the ironic messages I got from his work inform and shape our work.

Whilst collaboration is a great me and Jack at times did clash. This was mostly because we were very busy and trying to find time to communicate was left to mostly text communication where confrontation was easily possible through our frustration to communicate ideas clearly. We worked well together when we found time to come together and in the end came up with some good research and ideas. The final outcome of our project was a satirical collage of a person happy with a pizza and another sad with fruits. overall I believe the project could have had more time however we put more of our time in to work elsewhere. Whilst I don't fault our research our final outcome was less successful and could have been improved.

Task 2

For the second task we were given an extract from the book 'The Age of Wire and String' (Ben Marcus) chapter 'Ethics of Listening When Visiting Areas That Contain Him'. We were put in to groups of five and given this extract as a starting point to create an installation for the festival. It was interesting seeing how the different courses mixed together, we worked well as a team despite some of us knowing each other better it did not interfere with our group interactions. 

We read through the text and bounced ideas off each other about what the text could be describing as it is largely nonsensical. I recorded some of our initial conversations to re-evaluate ideas later and help develop the ideas that I thought could be successful. I had thought about writing notes however this would make my participation in the conversation minimal and I'd be less involved so recording the conversations instead was a better idea. I felt from the beginning that we all worked well together and had no negative conflicts, we were easily able to voice opinions and improve on others ideas in a positive supportive way. All coming from different courses we were able to utilise all of the resources and workshops for our projects so no ideas were limited or not considered in our collaborative process.  

Our two aims were good collaboration and I good final outcome which I very much believe we achieved.









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