'The rules to life' Richard Templar

Templar, R. Pearson.


I have just begun reading The rules of Life, an international best seller described as 'Personal code for living a better, happier, more successful kind of life'. I'm very interested in books that give useful advice and this book is so practical, the whimsical floaty type of advice like 'live your best life' and so on might be sweet but for me does little, this book however is straightforward and clear in it's instructions. It would be better for people trying to find practical useful existing methods of utilising success. I enjoy how short each rule is, they are very easy to get through and whilst I greatly enjoy indulging myself in long winded books this is an efficient book that I believe many people would profit from reading. The humble attitude of the author is endeering and sets out in the fist rule 'keep it under your hat' don't preach about the great book you are reading and force it on other people, let people see the positive change in you for themselves without having to tell them why or preach at them.

So far I'm only on rule 8 in the first chapter, I'll add more comments as I progress through the book.

Now I have reached rule 22, this book is one I've been reading in my shorter breaks at university. It helps motivate me and keep my headspace productive. Simple things like reading one of the two page rules can bring my focus back to my work. The book is about being successful in your life and reading it gives me motivation to continue on with my project. Especially since I have chosen a challenging project to ensure I can problem solve and learn how to utilise materials I have never used before, experimenting is very important and whilst I have the studio space and time to do so I will. Especially before third year so I can better decide what methods and materials to use.