Hannah Lowry Unit 8 Reflective Journal 17/18 LOW16487626

A timeline of notable surrealist artists



Guillaume Apollinaire uses the word surrealist for the first time.
The artists André Breton and Louis Aragon meet.


March: The Littérature journal, which is directed by André Breton, Louis Aragon and Philippe Soupault, publishes its first issue.
May: Automatic writing is born from the hands of André Breton and Philippe Soupault when drafting The Magnetic Fields.


January 17th: the artist Tristan Tzara disembarks in Paris.
January 23rd: Le Palais des fêtes in Paris has the first Literature Friday.
May 30th: Publication of the Magnetic Fields at Sans Pareil.


April 14th: Separation of André Breton and Tristan Tzara during a final demonstration of Dadaism.
May 13th: Scandal in the Barrés trial hall of the Learned Societies.
December: There is a collective exhibition of works by Joan Miró and Man Ray in Paris


Creation of the "motion blur", which will become Surrealism in 1924
Mars: new publication of Littérature
April: André Breton finally quits the Dada movement


July: Tristan Tzara organizes an evening at the Michel Theater with the Russian poet Iliazd.
September: Artist André Breton meets poet Saint-Pol-Roux.


October 15th: Writer André Breton publishes the Surrealist Manifesto
December 1st: The first copy of The Surrealist Revolution is published


June: The Pierre Gallery holds an exhibition of artist Joan Miro in Paris
August: On the occasion of the war in Morocco, the surrealism movement turns to communism


March: Man Ray creates a scandal with his Oceanic statues, called indecent, exhibited in Paris


January: The founder of Surrealism, André Breton joins the Communist Party.
June: the Surrealist Gallery holds an exhibition of paintings made by Yves Tanguy.


Un Chien Andalou, famous surrealist film, by Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel is presented to the public for the first time.


June: The Variety magazine publishes a special issue: "Surrealism in 1929".
October: The film Un Chien Andalou by Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel is screened in the studio 28 of Paris


March: The third Surrealist Manifesto by Robert Desnos is published
June: The second Surrealist Manifesto is published by Éditions Kra.
July: The first issue of Surrealism in the service of the revolution, led by André Breton, is published


First exhibition of surrealist artists (Dali, De Chirico, Ernst, Miró) in Hartford, United States.
Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel come back with the Golden Age film


The Association of Revolutionary Writers and Artists is created
A surrealist exhibition is held In New York


May: The Prague Devestil group joins the Surrealist movement.
June: The Minotaure surrealist journal publishes its first issue


Salvador Dali visits the City of New York
The Royal Museum holds an exhibition of surrealist works in Brussels


February: The artist Alberto Giacometti is ousted from the group.
April 9th: First issue of the International Surrealist Bulletin.
June18th: Tragic Death of writer René Crevel in Paris
October: Foundation of surrealist group Contre Attaque.
November: Pierre gallery holds an exhibition of works by Victor Brauner


March: The Surrealist group Contre Attaque decides to split.
May: Charles Ratton Gallery holds a surrealist exhibition in Paris
July: A second international surrealist exhibition is held in London, with artists such as Duchamp, Giacometti, Picasso...
December: The MoMa museum holds an exhibition of surrealist and Dada art in New York

1937 André Breton publishes “De l’humor noir” (The Black Humor) book, GLM.



The Gallery of Fine Arts presents an international exhibition of Surrealism in Paris. André Breton meets Leon Trotsky in Mexico to write the Manifesto for an Independent Revolutionary Art.


Exile of the surrealists to the United States
Suddenly, the artist Salvador Dali is rejected from the Surrealism


The International Exhibition of Surrealism is held in Mexico City
In the South of France, surrealist artists gather together.


July: Because of the war, André Breton exiled himself to New York


The Art of this Century Gallery of Peggy Guggenheim celebrates its opening in New York.


A retrospective of the works of Max Ernst is held in Paris


André Breton is back in France


International Exhibition of Surrealism


The Drouin Gallery holds a retrospective of paintings by Francis Picabia in Paris


The Drouin Gallery holds an exhibition of works by Max Ernst in Paris


November 18th: Death of Paul Eluard in Charenton-le-Pont in France


November 30th: Death of painter Francis Picabia in Paris


The laureate of the Venice Biennale are Max Ernst, Jean Arp and Joan Miró


January 15th: Death of the French artist Yves Tanguy in Paris


A retrospective of the works of Max Ernst is held in Berlin


January 1st: Tragic Death of the artist Óscar Domínguez in Paris


The Museum of Modern Art holds a retrospective of the works of Max Ernst in Paris


A major international exhibition on Surrealism is held in Paris


December 25th: Death of the famous Tristan Tzara in Paris, France


The Charpentier Gallery holds a retrospective about the Surrealism in Paris


The Museum of Modern Art holds a retrospective of the work of André Masson in Paris


Historical end of the Surrealism.
June 7th: Death of Jean Arp in Basel, Switzerland
September 28th: Death of the poet André Breton in Paris


August 15th: Death of artist René Magritte in Lessines, Belgium